My Melody is a Bunny who wears a Pink or Red Hood, Tell about Japanese anime of My Melody!

Onegai My Melody Profile

Name: My Melo-chan

Features: A Girl Bunny with a Pink Flower on her Hood.

Favourite Food: Carrot Biscuits

Story About Onegai My Melody

Once upon a time, in Mariland, My Melody was going to the Human World. Flat was telling about the Magical Stuff in his bag, The Melody Mark, The Melody Box, and The Melody Candies, and his Dad was talking about his Enemy, Kuromi. Kuromi is trying to Stop the World, but only My Melody will do her best. He flew away into Magical Horn that Leads her into the Human World. Uta's Concert arrives, but Uta was having Trouble, as he's afraid to play it. He Suddenly goes and sits, playing it carefully, but... all of a sudden, it's playing fast, and it's not Uta, but it's a Magic Violin that plays by itself! Uta was very Angry, but he put his violin in a case. Everyone cheered. Uta runs outside from the concert. He's crying because he thought his stupid violin was naughty. Suddenly, My Melody landed. Uta saw her, My Melody was talking her, but what's the matter with Uta's violin? Uta shook My Melody and then he cried. Uta was making My Melody crying so they cried together. Then the violin became grumpy towards her. Uta's friends showed up from the concert and they see My Melody with Uta. They loved the concert and they think My Melody is a Plush Bunny. My Melody showed the girls The Melody Mark. He Spinned the Melody Mark, then the Mark appears to be sticking to the girl's backpack. It then became alive! It walked over to My Melody and asked very nicely. The Crab understood as he cut off the string off of Uta's Violin, and it became itself again. My Melo gave Melody Candies and the crab takes and eats them, making him itself again too. Poor Uta, his violin string of his violin got old so he goes into his school, but he saw a man there and he then was excited!

To be Continued....

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